L’Ouvroir is a Digital Art History and Museology lab at the Université de Montréal dedicated to support the work conducted within the framework of the Partnership “New Uses of Collections in Art Museums” (CIÉCO). This laboratory provides the entire team with state-of-the-art equipment to conduct research but also to experiment and develop new uses of digitized collections that use the web, 3D visualization techniques and virtual and augmented reality. It provides the opportunity to create a solid editorial infrastructure for the Digital Encyclopedia and to produce three computer developments that will be mobilized in the various axes of research: first with the establishment of a collaborative platform for work on the archives; secondly with the creation of a digital tool dedicated to the documentation of collection hangings; thirdly, with the creation of a JavaScript library designed to facilitate the production and deployment of digital exhibition devices and illustration of the Encyclopedia. It is also a versatile structure that facilitates collaborative work and the organization of teleconferences with the project’s museum and international partners. Its creation provides Canada with a research facility dedicated to the experimentation and development of innovations in the field of art history and digital museology.


The Inscribed Capitals Index (ICI) presents instances of capitals with lapidary inscriptions (ca.1080-1160) available for scholarly research in a searchable electronic format.
CIÉCO Partenership Documentary Database
The Digital Models Reconstruction project is an external relational database, which links 3D reconstruction model
Editorial model for the digital encyclopedia of the new uses of art collections
Tool for documentation des accrochages de collection et de visualisation 3D
JavaScript Library for visual content presentation
Developing the lab’s website with Astro


Ouvroir is supported by the University of Montreal, the Canada Fund for Innovation and the Province of Quebec.